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Here's an opportunity to tell your fish story. Send us a photo of the fish you've caught using Perfect Strike Alpha Jigs™. Include comments on the length, weight, type of rig, fishing conditions, your name, location, etc. Make submissions as often as you like. We'll do our best to get them posted, but can't make specific guarantees.

Please Note
By making a submission, Perfect Strike is granted permission to use the submitted photo(s) and information for any purpose including, but not limited to, websites, catalogs, advertising, publications, and special promotions. Information submitted cannot be returned. All information submitted is screened, and may not be viewable for several days while it is being approved.


 “Perfect Strike lures are a must! The hook always seems to find the sweet spot in the fish’s mouth. I always have Perfect Strike lures in my tackle box!” 
-Chris Whiteid



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